Case Study

Targeted CTV Campaign increases BMW
purchase demand by 90%

Campaign Goal: Increase purchase demand for the BMW 2 Series and BMW 3 Series in Turkey.


Consumers are increasingly turning to CTV, moving away from traditional linear viewing. As the audience moves, the ad spend follows. The challenge for advertisers is that this new market is fragmented in a deeper way than other platforms, more hardware and more software.

Existing methods of targeting and measurement, largely inherited from the Web, are at best inadequate but more often simply do not work for CTV. BMW’s target audiences are very clearly defined and more specific than age and gender. TVEkstra turned to Digiseg in order to activate targeting on relevant household characteristics in order to reach the correct target groups.

1. Young, outgoing, success-oriented and in the process of starting a family.
2. Successful middle aged business people.

Targeting Strategy:

BMW is an aspirational brand so it was important to make sure the campaign reached people not just interested in the products but people with the means to purchase.
The campaign used composite audiences to target potential car buyers using: household income, education level, savings, number of cars in household and level of car class. Digiseg created these segments using data from TUIK the Turkish statistical institute – a first for this data in Turkey.


Composition: Household income, education level, savings, number of cars in household and level of car class

Results: The outcome was a textbook success through the entire funnel:

Increased model based search: 30%
Increased number of site sessions: 36%
Increased conversion: “form submission”: 20%

Digiseg data delivered 90% more leads

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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