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Lower CPC

Lenovo is a multinational manufacturer of personal computers, smartphones, televisions, and wearable devices.

Campaign Goal

Increase awareness for Lenovo gaming platforms by delivering viewability and a high CTR.

The Challenge

Lenovo’s agency in Poland, INIS, needed to reach the specific audience, gamers, while avoiding the more general audience it overlaps with tech enthusiasts who are not necessarily gamers.

The Solution

The INIS created three separate targeting strategies:

  1. Games relevant allow-list
  2. Third-party cookie-based gaming segment
  3. Three Digiseg gaming audiences

“Digiseg data helped make this campaign a real success, delivering viewability as much as 30% better than competing strategies and an impressive click rate,”

Sabina Smołka, Head of Programmatic, INIS

Campaign creative
The Results

Combining the power of household targeting with a highly relevant allow-list delivered a very successful campaign. Line items using Digiseg’s gaming segments significantly outperformed both the allow-list and the other third-party targeting strategies: better viewability, higher CTR and lower CPC.

  • Viewability for the three Digiseg line items was 94%, 80% and 80% compared to the campaign average, 73%.
  • CTR exceeded campaign average by as much as 163%. Campaign average CTR was 1.9%. The three Digiseg targeted line items had a CTR of 2,94%, 4,87% and 4,99%.
  • CPC was as much as 40% lower than campaign average.
Thanks to the INIS Team!

Sabina Smołka, Head of Programmatic
Jakub Prokop, Programmatic Media Planner

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