Who is Digiseg?​

Digiseg was founded in August 2015 on a unique idea: Segment the Entire Internet. To do that, we built an equally unique platform incorporating the Principles of Privacy-by-Design.

We are and have always been Cookie- and Tracking-Free.

Segment the anonymous web

We have segmented the Internet into 39 core audiences based on household characteristics using trusted sources like National Statistics Offices. 

The audiences serve as a precise proxy for consumer needs and interests. They are used to evaluate campaigns and websites and can also be used to target online advertising.

Digiseg creates outstanding results for advertisers and publishers.
We are one of the largest independent data providers in the world:
▪︎ No cookies ▪︎ No tracking ▪︎ All devices ▪︎ Real needs

CEO & Board Members

Søren H. Dinesen

CEO & Co Founder

Bent R. Jacobsen

Board Member & Co-founder

Ulrik Krag Morell

Chairman of Board

Carina Gjerløv

Board Member

Digiseg Vision and Mission

– for ethical audience data

We envision a world where ad-tech serves humankind and works in the service of truth.
Digital tracking, echo chambers, fake news, and walled gardens that traffic human decisioning-power must end. Ultimately, press-accredited media, investigative journalism, democracy, and free will are at stake.

Our team’s goal is to enable advertisers to target consumers in a tracking-free manner while achieving similar or better returns on advertising spend as the walled-gardens’ highly invasive approaches.

We’ll know we’ve reached our goal when the majority of digital campaigns are neither measured nor targeted using personal data and tracking.

Are you with us?

Our responsibility to the world

Digiseg is committed to environmental sustainability and believes positive change is not limited to big initiatives but also to day-to-day decisions and practices.

  • Our Copenhagen office is energy optimized with led lights, timers and smart thermostats that turn off heating during the night and weekend etc.
  • When traveling we purchase carbon offsets and choose biofuel when possible.
  • We calculate our company carbon footprint and use the United Nations Carbon Offsets Platform to offset our carbon each year.

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