Why Digiseg​

Traditional audience segmentation is a challenge

Behavioral data is flawed. Intent signals are unstable and inaccurate. Deterministic, 1st party data does not scale.

Digiseg is the solution

Scalable, stable audience data using a highly predictive identifier… the household.

Digiseg segments entire countries into 100-500 household neighborhoods then layers on data about income, life stage, car ownership and more.­

Tracking free: No cookies. No UIDs. No MAIDs.

map with household data information

Advantages of Digiseg Audiences


Recognize up to 80% of all impressions


CTV, audio, mobile web, in-app

Segment anonymous audiences​

Safari, Firefox & incognito Chrome


Truly private, no PII/personal data

Audience discovery for the post-cookie world.

Profile your most valuable events: sales, registrations, downloads. Then target those profiles using the same taxonomy. Or measure your campaigns: who is exposed, who is clicking. Optimize campaign performance and deliver reporting that has an impact.

Measure. Target. Optmize.

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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