The benefits of using Digiseg data for marketing

Free of Cookies and unaffected by Add blocking, IOS blocking, and Script blocking.

Now you can target the entire population, including the 40%* of the population that other Audience Data providers cannot reach. Digiseg place no cookies to produce audience data. Consequently, the challenges with cookies being blocked by either Add-, IOS- or Script- blocking does not apply to Digiseg’s Audience Data *e-marketeer 2019.

Covers Mobile, In-app, Video, and Desktop equally well

When using Digiseg Audience Data you will see the same coverage and effect in Desktop, Video, In-app and Mobile campaigns. You can open your creative toolbox and use the same data everywhere – incl. Google Analytics and Digiseg Analytics.

Free of Personal Data

Afraid of choosing GDPR incompliant data? Digiseg Audience Data is produced without tracking people or using personal data. Digiseg Audience Data is outside the scope of GDPR – Certified by Integra Lawfirm 2019. You can add Digiseg Audience Data to any source without the added risk of identifying individuals.

Covers 40+ Markets and still expanding

Digiseg Audience Data covers border-to-border, coast-to-coast in 40 markets. It’s the same Core- and Composite Audiences you will find in all 40+ markets with the exact same targeting power. For international/cross-border campaigns you will find it very easy to expand campaigns to other markets.

Full Reach

When you tap into Digiseg Audience Data you automatically get access to the entire population Whether you select- or suppress an audience doesn’t really matter because it is full reach and therefore two sides of the same coin. Have a look at the reach in your market under the individual audiences.


Call Digiseg’s Core Audience API and get real-time answers on your web visitors household characteristics. We can serve you in less than 7 milliseconds which is fast enough for you to recommend products or adjust the price – before the page loads! The API covers all markets and serves all types of traffic including website, campaign, email, TV, IOT. In other words: Everything Digital.

Dynamics: Household Characteristics and Consumer Needs vs Behavioral- and Intent data.

Digiseg Audience Data allows you to identify real consumer needs based on household characteristics. Need-based marketing is in strong opposition to behavioral data, that only show interest but not the need for the advertised product. For example: If you own a car, you need fuel. If you have visited a car related article you are probably interested in cars but do not own a car and if so you don’t need fuel.

“Market your brand towards the need and all KPI’s will improve”
Søren H Dinesen, Co-founder of Digiseg

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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