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Xaxis: Household demographics deliver lower CPL than Zip code targeting

Traditional postcode targeting lacks the granularity of Digiseg's neighborhoods. Learn how a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor power equipment saw a 72% lower CPL for robot lawnmowers with household data.

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CTV Targeting at scale increases BMW purchase intent

Targeting CTV remains a challenge but with Digiseg's cookie-free demographics data, the German luxury auto brand was able to find the right mix of precision and reach.

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How OMD drove both higher CTR and Viewability for HSBC

HSBC needed to raise awareness for its new sustainable equity investment products. Their agency made sure they got an amazing CTR from Household data.

Shell beats retargeting CPC and CTR by focusing on car owners

Retargeting is often limited by reach. It also does not bring incremental business, focusing on users who are likely to convert anyway. Digiseg data beat retargeting's leading KPI brought in incremental business by targeting consumers with a high probability of car ownership.

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