Xaxis: Household demographics deliver lower CPL than Zip code targeting

robot lawnmower on grass


Decrease in ​Cost per qualified visitor


Decrease in CPL

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Campaign Goal

To increase awareness for outdoor power products and decrease the cost per lead

The Challenge

A Swedish manufacturer of outdoor power equipment (OPE) including chainsaws, trimmers, and mowers, tasked the Xaxis team to create interest in their line of robotic lawnmowers. Cookie-based audience targeting is difficult to scale. And using third-party segments to identify potential OPE consumers is already a challenge. The obvious solution is to target relevant households but the most common method, postal/zip codes, often lacks the granularity need to avoid excessive wastage.

The Solution

The Xaxis team partnered with Digiseg because our solution, based on offline household data, offers unique precision in reaching home owners.

In a head-to-head test our homeowner audience was evaluated against postal-code targeting of neighborhoods. The primary KPI was to drive leads, which were defined as site visitors who actively search for a retailer.

The Results

Digiseg’s homeowner audience outperformed the control group that targeted neighborhoods by post code. It demonstrated significantly better results in driving leads. In addition, there was a 79% decrease in cost per qualified visitor. A qualified visitor was defined as visits that spend more than 15 seconds on the website.

Decrease in ​Cost per qualitative visitor
Decrease in ​Cost per lead (find a retailer)​

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