Precision targeting for the post-cookie world.

Segment the anonymous web with household data that boosts engagement, increases viewability, drives conversions and delivers ROAS—without personal information.


Target where buying decisions get made:
The Household.

Connect with Humans: Not cookies. Not content. Not devices. We segment people. Our neighborhood data identifies what your customers need.
➜ More effective than third-party cookies ever were. ➜ More scale than first party data. ➜ More reach than contextual targeting. ➜ More accuracy than post codes.

No personally identifiable information, period.

Privacy is the future of digital marketing. But Digiseg has been tracking-free from day one. Our data is cookie-less. It is ID free. We do not track, log or sync.

➜ Public data from offline sources not from digital events ➜ Neighborhoods and households not individuals

Target all devices.
All Formats.
All households.

Cookie-free means the freedom to target  any  connected device. It also means unrivalled reach. Segment all devices including CTV and Safari.

How to get started

Direct Access

Add our segments to your campaigns directly in the following data Marketplaces:

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See how brands are succeeding with Digiseg data

Our data has been used on 1000s of campaigns across the world.
These are some of the stories.

Nissan seeks sign-ups for new electric model
Campaign Goal Promote preorder signup for a new electric car model. The...
Shell beats retargeting CPC and CTR by focusing on car owners
The custom Digiseg audience segment exceeded Shell's expectations
Engaging home owners, VIG boosts insurance CTR
Campaign Goal Target middle and upper-income households who need homeowners insurance for...
School start campaign needs to lower CPA
Campaign Goal Drive qualified traffic to school supplies website; acquire new customers...
Covid reopening strategy for tourism hunts higher CTR
Campaign Goal Encourage tourism to a leading European capital city after the...
B2B / Accounting software homes in on ideal audiences resulting in leads at a lower cost
Campaign Goal Raise awareness of a new accounting software for SMEs and...
Home & Garden
Home renovation website seeks visitors for brochure download
Campaign Goal Drive qualified traffic to the windows & doors section of...
Food & Drinks
Audience data delivers for restaurant deliveries
Campaign Goal Promote a weekend special: Buy one, get one free. The...
Health & Fitness
Household data VS Contextual: More reach, more clicks, same CPC
Segmenting people instead of content created a significantly larger and equally qualified audience perfect to drive engagement for targeted creative.
Home & Garden
Seeking the solar audience: Targeting drives higher CTR for green energy
Campaign Goal Branding campaign of a new, more efficient generation of solar...

Data that delivers demonstrated results

Our audience experts
will get you started

Boost engagement. Increase viewability.
Drive conversions. Deliver ROAS.

Data that delivers demonstrated results

Our audience experts
will get you started

Boost engagement. Increase viewability.
Drive conversions. Deliver ROAS.

Our Xandr Specialist is waiting for you

We're ready to find the audience just for your campaign