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We offer audiences for all households
We offer audiences for all devices
We offer audiences for all browsers
We offer audiences for all markets

Our audiences cover all your needs

Digiseg audience data is the most powerful additive for your marketing engine since behavioral cookie data.
You can tap into the audiences in most of the world – to see the full list of countries and audiences click here

Custom Audiences

A Digiseg Custom Audience is an audience based on your specifications. 
brief Digiseg’s data scientists, and a few hours later, you receive a custom audience that meets all your requirements. The price for custom audiences is the same as Core- and Composite Audiences, but the performance is second to none. A Digiseg Custom Audience is your easy way to optimal performance – Guaranteed.

Available in market-leading demand-side platforms (DSP).

We are available in all market-leading demand-side platforms

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Digiseg Performance Award – April

Digiseg Audience Data Delivers 28 times higher CTR compared to the whole campaign (3,11% vs. 0,11%)
3 times lower CPC (0,23€ vs 0,79€)
3 times lower CPA (0,33€ vs 1,12€)

We Are What We Need

See how branding campaigns win by targeting actual consumer needs. No one likes to be targeted with irrelevant ads

Home in on your Ideal Audiences

Relevancy is the key to success in all brand campaigns, and household characteristics are the secret sauce you need to home in on your ideal prospects.

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