Reaching professionals for mobile data, Vodafone increased conversions 3X

Vodafone used the power of household data to outperform its CPC goal.
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Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company in Europe and Africa, led by our purpose to connect for a better future.

Campaign Goal

Promote Vodafone WiFi On-The-Go service, which makes wifi access available from any location.

The Challenge

Like the other Vodafone campaigns, this initiative had twin goals: drive traffic to the website and prompt new signups. Success would be measured by ambitious campaign goals, including a CTR greater than 1.4% and to keep CPC lower than 0.7€.

On top of that, the campaign needed to reach people who are on the move, e.g. working out of cafes or cars and need strong Internet connection wherever they are.

The Solution

Success of the campaign hinged on targeting people who are on the move — rushing to work, picking children up from school and activities, traveling to meet with clients. These people typically use multiple devices, such as a laptop and mobile phone, while away from home and the office, and require seamless access to the Internet from any device.
To reach these mobile people, the campaign leveraged Digiseg’s Internet audience segment, which is made up of people with medium and high tech skills and are of working age (18 to 54 years of age).

The Results

Once again, Digiseg audience segments delivered outstanding campaign results:

  • A CPC that was 4.7x lower.
  • a CTR that exceeded the campaign goal by 34%.

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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