Vodacom brand loyalty – household data delivers engagement and ROAS.

Relevant third party segments provide reach first party data lacks.


Higher CTR than purchase event retargeting


Higher CTR than ROS retargeting

Campaign Goal

Support brand loyalty by driving engagement with Vodacom’s app, downloads, and loyalty currency interactions.

The Challenge

Vodafone South Africa, also known as Vodacom, needed to increase engagement with its loyalty program, VodaBucks. The program requires users to install the Vodacom app and once installed users can transact using the Vodabucks rewards currency. Vodacom has significant 1st party data, but it was necessary to scale the campaign beyond their own segments to reach as many potential users as possible. Vodacom need a solution with both scale and enough precision to target profiles they knew were likely to convert based on their 1st party data.

“Using Digiseg was a clear indication that third-party audiences complement our performance campaigns and yield results.”
Stacey Linden, Senior Programmatic Specialist, Vodacom

The Solution

Working with their advertising technology partner, AdForm, Vodacom created a comprehensive campaign that included retargeting and—to increase reach beyond the first party audiences—content targeting, third party segments and select household audiences from Digiseg were also used.

“The line item using Digiseg segments was the only ROI positive 3P data strategy.”
Stacey Linden, Senior Programmatic Specialist, Vodacom

The Results

The line item using Digiseg data had the highest CTR of all the retargeting line items booked, including the lower funnel first party retargeting strategies—40% better than the purchase event retargeting and 70% better than the ROS retargeting. It was also the only third-party data strategy that had positive ROI, delivering conversions directly attributable to the line item.

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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