How OMD drove both higher CTR and Viewability for HSBC

HSBC Turkey need to raise awareness for its new sustainable equity investment products.
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Higher CTR than retargeting


Higher viewability than retargeting


Higher CTR than 3rd party data

HSBC Turkey has operated in Turkey since 1990 and provides services in Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, and Wealth Management.

Campaign Goal

Get prospective clients to request information about HSBC’s new sustainability investment product.

The Challenge

HSBC Turkey needed to raise awareness for its new sustainable equity investment products. Their agency, OMD Turkey, had a very sharp profile for prospective clients but reaching those clients online with traditional targeting methods, third-party cookie data sets and contextual targeting was a challenge. They need to reach people who had both the means and desire to diversify their investment portfolio with product-focused environmentally sustainable investments.

“As a result of choosing Digiseg data, we moved the HSBC campaign performance one step ahead. The increase in CTR was exactly the result we needed to achieve.”
Ege Cevlek, Programmatic Executive, OMD

The Solution

OMD selected demographic/household data in addition to remarketing and third-party data strategies. With segments from Digiseg, OMD was able to create a campaign targeting the correct high-income individuals in the age group 22-55 who enjoy travel and use credit cards.

Creative used in the campaign

The Results

The line items using Digiseg Household data significantly outperformed both remarketing and third-party strategies:

  • CTR for Household data was 113% better than remarketing and 175%, better than third party data.
  • Viewability was also significantly improved using household data — 22% better than remarketing and 75% better than the third-party targeted line item.
Thanks to the OMD Turkey team

Gizem Baytaş, Digital Director
Ege Cevlek, Programmatic Executive
Naz Torunoğlu, Programmatic Manager

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