Higher completion rate, cheaper CPV and lower bounce rate for gas station brand

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Completion Rate


Lower CPV

SUNPET Sunpet is a service station brand of Opet, one of the leading energy providers in Turkey.

Campaign Goal

Raise awareness and gain new customers for service station brand.

The Challenge

Internet usage in Turkey is lower in rural areas than it is in urban ones, making it difficult to scale digital campaigns. Sunpet’s media agency, Ingage Dijital Pazarlama, struggled to find a third-party audience segment that could reach its target audience at the required scale.
Without sufficient reach, the video branding campaign would not be a success.

The Solution

Target automobile owners, farmers and truck drivers with digital video ads. Ingage Agency created three videos, geared toward each audience, to be deployed in multiple marketing channels.

The Results

Digiseg added much needed fuel to this campaign! Digiseg audiences delivered the highest video completion rate, as well as the lowest cost per confirmed view. Visitors targeted using Digiseg audience data also had the lowest bounce rate.

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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