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Household data VS Contextual: More reach, more clicks, same CPC

Segmenting people instead of content created a significantly larger and equally qualified audience perfect to drive engagement for targeted creative.


Reach compared to contextual


Clicks compared to contextual

Verfora is a 70 year old Swiss made company, it is made by pharmaceutical company.

Campaign Goal

Beat CTR and eCPC target

The Challenge

Messaging for weight loss supplements is a challenge and presenting that messaging to the correct target group is equally difficult. Montemedia, a Swiss digital agency specialized in «Human Focused Advertising», needed to have potential consumers visit their client’s website to get more information about a tested supplement available in pharmacies in Switzerland.

The obvious choice to reach the correct consumers was contextual targeting. Contextual can be very effective in reaching wellness and health consumers. But contextual’s challenge is reach, particularly in smaller or fragmented markets like the Confoederatio Helvetica.

Montemedia knew that potential consumers for the client’s product could be identified by certain demographic characteristics but targeting those audiences accuaterly online is a challenge. Third-party data sets that rely on cookies are notoriously weak. They needed a way to reach those characteristics at scale.

Montemedia created an interactive BMI calculator within the banner ad to increase engagement.

The Solution

Familiar with Digiseg’s capabilities, Montemedia selected our Weight Loss composite audience. This audience is the result of optimizations from health and wellness campaigns.

“We are very focused on communicating with individual internet users at Monte Media and Digiseg’s household data is the perfect match for our strategy. They segment humans not content so the messages we create reach exactly the right audience”, Bora Polat, Co-founder & CEO, Monte Media


Creative used in the campaign

The Results

The campaign ran using Digiseg and a leading contextual provider. Both data sets delivered exceptional results: a CTR and eCPC that exceeded campaign goals. However, Digiseg’s demographic data based on household characteristics vastly outperformed with reach. More reach, and more clicks.

10x reach compared to contextual
9x clicks compared to contextual
Equal eCPC

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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