Top of the funnel targeting drives festival ticket sales

Gamers 8 is a global Esports, music and game development festival.


Higher CTR


post-click CVR

Campaign Goal

Globmobi, a digital media solutions company, needed to drive robust ticket sales for Gamers8, a premier gaming and music festival.

The Challenge

The Gamers8 festival engaged Globmobi to promote the event that combines gaming, music and game development and innovation. Globmobi faced a unique challenge. The Gamers8 festival’s target audience consists of both young enthusiasts in their late teens and twenties as well as families with younger children. Each segment has their own distinct media consumption patterns. Reaching such a heterogeneous audience at scale, and ensuring engagement and conversions, was Globmobi’s assignment. They needed the creative based on their innovative Vici experience to reach the right audiences.

The Solution

Globmobi selected Digiseg as a key partner for their data driven strategy. Globmobi’s first-party data was extensive but to guarantee sales goals, they wanted to extend the reach to new users and grow the Gamers8 audience. To succeed, they also needed the campaign creative, based on their innovative Vici ad experience, to reach the right audiences.
The collaboration between Globmobi and Digiseg ensured the campaign could unify the diverse audience landscape efficiently, reaching the right segments at scale and driving engagement and conversions by delivering the right message to the right segment.

“Identifying Digiseg as a complement to our robust data strategy allowed us to unify the fragmented audience landscape, achieving an impressive CTR and driving significant ticket sales for Gamers8.” – Paulos Mea, Director of Innovations, Globmobi.

The Results

The data-centric approach of the campaign, coupled with the Vici platform’s innovative creative and interactivity yielded outstanding results. Starting with a CTR that was six times better than other line items and ending with a 4% post-click conversion rate. Digiseg’s data played a crucial role in optimizing the campaign’s reach, engaging the correct audiences at the top of the funnel and contributing to substantial ticket sales for Gamers8.

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