Medical care company uses cookieless data to beat retargeting CPA

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CTR - Better than retargeting


eCPA - Less than retargeting

The Acıbadem Healthcare Group is a Turkish healthcare institution, operating with 17.000 employees. It comprises 21 hospitals and 16 medical centers.

Campaign Goal

Broaden target audience of search engine advertising activities in order to increase conversion rates.

The Challenge

Acibadem Mobil, an Istanbul-based private care company that delivers a range of in-home medical services, faced a common challenge: search-marketing initiatives were successful but reach was limited. Retargeting, as usual, was similarly limited, lack of quality visit volume meant a small retargeting pool.

The company was keen to expand their reach to attract more customers but faced the challenge of a very narrow target group. Only upper-income households tend to purchase in-home medical services. Complicating matters further, pre-built audience segments were also too broad, as most households, regardless of resources, simply don’t need at-home nursing and blood test services.

The Solution

Digiseg designed a custom audience for Acibadem’s agency, Programatik Istanbul, based on a combination of attributes that targeted higher income, higher educated households. The segment was composed of households with two or more cars, higher educated homeowners and are within the top 10% of highest income households.

The Results

Acibadem Mobil tested Digiseg’s custom audience segment against two targeting strategies: website visitors and households greater than one kilometer away from the hospital. Digiseg substantially outperformed both existing targeting strategies.

  • CTR improved by +7.7x
  • eCPA improved by  32%

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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