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What happens when the biggest platforms in the marketing industry implement the strictest privacy controls ever seen? Chaos and carnage? End of days?

Digiseg Performance Award – April

Digiseg Audience Data Delivers 28 times higher CTR compared to the whole campaign (3,11% vs. 0,11%)
3 times lower CPC (0,23€ vs 0,79€)
3 times lower CPA (0,33€ vs 1,12€)

We Are What We Need

See how branding campaigns win by targeting actual consumer needs. No one likes to be targeted with irrelevant ads

Home in on your Ideal Audiences

Relevancy is the key to success in all brand campaigns, and household characteristics are the secret sauce you need to home in on your ideal prospects.

This Year’s Christmas Gift from Digiseg (2020)

We’ve decided to purchase carbon offsets for all of our consumption, including servers and travel, going back to August 2015 when we first launched Digiseg. This is a gift that will keep giving well into the future, benefiting our unborn grandchildren

Digiseg Performance Award – October

Digiseg data delivers Achieving CTR’s respectively of 1.88%, 2.16%, and 3.94%, Lowering CPC respectively to 0.15€, 0.13€ and 0.05€, Increasing Conversion rates respectively by 3x, 2x, 2x

Digiseg Performance Award – August

Digiseg segments delivered an impressive 220% better CTR performance comparing to retargeting line items, while eCPC turned out to be 185% lower – well done!

digital planners playbook

The Digital Planners Playbook

The Digital Planners Playbook We recognize that Digital Planners live in a stressful world. In this 3-part blog series, we will explore the new challenges

GDPR & Digiseg

GDPR -The benefits of using Digiseg audience data for marketing

Over the past decade, the digital ad-tech ecosystem has worked diligently to help marketers reach and engage their users as they went about their digital lives. The opportunity was huge — and so were the investments in the sector (in 2011, there were only 150 unique companies on the Lumascape, in 2018 there are 7,000!).

Digiseg’s Google Analytics Integration

Digiseg Google Analytics Integration

For most marketers, the visitors to their website are a complete mystery. Sure they know the IP address, page views, and length of time on-site, but who are they? Are they aspirational visitors looking at products they can’t possibly afford or are they really in the market for a high-end watch or auto? Are they families with young children or folks who live alone now that the children are grown?