Audience Data For Measurement

Align your audience on everything digital

Measure and activate your campaign based on single-source full-reach data. This allows you to measure all points of interest on your website and in your campaign, aligning your funnel from branding to performance to conversion – from first impression to final conversion.

4. Steps to map your tunnel

Profile your current visitors using Digiseg Google Analytics Integration
Quantify your target profiles with Digiseg Audience Builder.
Deploy audiences to your branding and performance campaign.
Evaluate using Digiseg Analytics to further optimize your campaign.

Align your funnel

Digiseg aligns your audience throughout the entire funnel. We let you evaluate and execute from a singular compiled data source following through your entire campaign.

Evaluating your campaign is traditional based on panel data compiled of a 1% population representation only. Digiseg audience data includes all potential buyers in the market with no look-a-likes or extrapolation. From 1% data to 100% data. See the difference? You can evaluate and optimize your campaign from Day 1.

From Funnel to Tunnel

The Digiseg quality and purity of audiences result in much higher conversion with a more accurate and narrow upper funnel and a wider lower funnel. We pivot the sides of your funnel to an effective tunnel.

Digiseg Audience Data

Digiseg audience data for branding as well as performance builds on a much more precise upper funnel, cutting to the chase, targeting literally everyone who has a real need for your product.

Traditional Audience Data

Traditional audience data for branding builds on a brief from the marketing department with the objective to reach as many consumers as possible within the given target. 

Traditional audience data for performance builds on 3rd-party cookie data tracking momentary behavior and look-a-likes by proxy.