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Get insights faster and more cost effectively than using a panel.
Measure and optimize campaigns in-flight.

Measure Your Advertising

Is your campaign reaching the intended audience?

Digiseg’s Active Audience Report delivers an actionable profile with as little as 100k impressions. No waiting until a campaign is complete—know if you are reaching the target in hours. Easier, faster and more cost effective than a panel. Digiseg audiences are based on the entire population not just a sample.

Measure Your Websites

Profile your most valuable visitors and then target them.

Use real-world data to create actionable profiles of your most valuable events: registrations, purchases or leads. Digiseg’s Active Audience Report segments your audience based on people not behavior. It is an effective alternative to retargeting.

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What you can measure with Digiseg


Get a clear view of who was exposed to your campaign. Not a panel-based extrapolation, actual delivery.

Display & Video

Find out not just who is seeing your banners and who is watching your videos but who is interacting.


Profile your visitors. Discover who completes your most valuable actions & then target them.


On both iOS and Android, see what audience your in-app ads is reaching.


From podcasts to streaming music, learn who is hearing your campaign.

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