Digiseg Google Analytics Integration

For most marketers, the visitors to their website are a complete mystery. Sure they know the IP address, page views, and length of time on-site, but who are they? Are they aspirational visitors looking at products they can’t possibly afford or are they really in the market for a high-end watch or auto? Are they families with young children or folks who live alone now that the children are grown?
Digiseg’s Google Analytics Integration

Published June 26, 2019

Digiseg and Google Analytics integration

Digiseg Google Analytics Integration

Rich socio-demographic data

Imagine if you had rich, socio-demographic data on your website visitors! You could do things like show family-friendly products to visitors who have children still at home or cater your newsletter based on the level of technology available in the recipient’s home.

This is why Digiseg built an integration with Google Analytics. You can enrich your GA reporting on acquisition and behavior with rich socio-demographic data. Specifically, you can analyze your site visitors based on the following criteria:

– Household Income
– Cars in the Household
– Home ownership
– Tech-level in Household
– Children in the Household
– AccommodationType
– Savings
– Lifecycle
– Education
– Neighborhood Type
– Livingspace M2
– Building Yea

Integrate Digiseg data as custom dimensions

You can integrate Digiseg data as custom dimensions within Google Analytics, and as a result, it will be available in the majority of views within Analytics (either as breakdown categories or as a part of the segmenting functionality).

You can profile all your websites points of interest and learn who does what. The learnings are easily converted into target segments that you can activate in both Google Adwords or at scale in a programmatic campaign in DV360, Appnexus or Adform.

You can both measure- and activate target groups using the same rich socio-demographic data that cover the entire population – without behavioral extrapolation.

In other words, when you use the same full reach data to analyze as you do to activate all trends are 100% transferable to the market – “at the tip of your finger”.

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