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Published March 7, 2024

Prospecting in the post-cookie world

Prospecting has always been the biggest advertising challenge. All website owners struggle with a common challenge: How to attract qualified visitors to their website.

In the early days, search engine marketing was a favored tool, but as competition increased, the costs went up (oh and search quality has gone down). Then third-party cookies arrived, providing an alternative to search. They enabled advertisers to target based on browsing behavior (e.g. users who visit an auto-review site are in market for a new car and are good candidates for automobile ads).

But March 2020 signaled the beginning of the end of cookie-based targeting. That’s when Apple began blocking third-party cookie tracking in Safari; Mozilla followed in 2023 when it did the same for Firefox users. These “anonymous” users are generally ignored by advertisers. The cost of this inventory is generally cheaper and the quality of the users is as high or even higher than a Chrome equivalent.

This past January, Google compounded the challenge by finally moving forward in its long-awaited cookie deprecation in Chrome. Soon, the majority of internet users worldwide will be anonymous. But getting the right traffic remains vital to business success.


The Importance of Driving Quality Visitors to Your Site

Cookie deprecation makes it difficult to drive quality traffic to a website, however the task cannot be ignored. Effective prospecting leads to qualified site visits, significantly influencing these key business objectives:

  1. Build your upper funnel: Advertisers should home in on their total addressable market. By ignoring the anonymous part of the internet, advertisers are ignoring more than 50% of their potential customers. This is not a recipe for successful promotion.
  2. Scale your retargeting audience: One of the marketer’s most powerful tools is retargeting. But to be successful, retargeting needs the right visitors to target.
  3. Improve ROI: Attracting the right audience ensures that marketing budgets are spent efficiently and cover the entire market not just the portion with cookies. By targeting more of the correct consumers businesses can see a better return on their advertising spend and gain market share.
  4. Enhance User Engagement: Quality visitors often spend more time on the site, interact more with the content, and have a lower bounce rate. This increased engagement can lead to better brand recognition and loyalty.
  5. Boost SEO: Search engines favor websites with higher engagement rates. Quality traffic that engages with a site can positively impact its search engine ranking, leading to more organic traffic.

The importance of quality traffic raises an urgent question: How can marketers drive new, qualified customers to their website and grow their business in a cookie-less world? Digiseg has an answer to this…

How to use Digiseg to prospect successfully, increasing quality traffic to your site

Get new, qualified prospects to your site in three easy steps:

  1. Profile actual website visitors with Digiseg Measurement Tags. Our tags will create a very accurate profile of your site’s visitors. Do they have children, own a car, rent or own their home and more than 30 other household characteristics.
  2. Digiseg builds a custom audience that mirrors the profile of your actual visitors and makes it available in the DSP of your choice.
  3. Execute your campaign and watch how the right traffic arrives at your webpage and your upper funnel KPIs will begin to soar!

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