Drive engagement in the post-cookie world

Published March 28, 2024

Online campaigns serve multiple purposes. Yes, they build every stage of the sales funnel, so that you sustain growth over the long term. Simultaneously, they let you test the market, understand who your true audiences are, and provide strategic insight into your product roadmap and expansion plans.

Or that’s what digital campaigns should do, that’s not always the case. Why is that?

Campaign optimization relies on someone else’s black box, be it an ad agency’s tech stack or a media buying platform, DSP. At the heart of that black box is a proprietary buying algorithm. It can be very effective in delivering clicks and other engagement actions. But optimization can’t tell marketers what they need to know most of all: Who is actually engaging. In other words, who is the audience exhibiting the greatest propensity to engage with the brand?

Unfortunately, in a black box, that knowledge is all math. It is pattern recognition. And it is locked away in the proprietary algorithm. It is not interoperable. The optimizations, while possibly effective, are tied to a campaign and impossible to directly duplicate or transfer to another campaign. The key answers are invisible to the planner, and unavailable for the other teams within that brand.

You can use panel based campaign measurement to tell you who saw an ad but only after a campaign is complete, rather than in real time when it can be used to drive campaign performance. In very rare cases, you will be lucky enough to have enough actions that a panel can tell you who engaged and, again, only after the campaign is complete. But neither the exposure or engagement information from a panel is directly actionable for future campaigns. A panel can tell you who you want to target but it can not help you actually target them.

It doesn’t need to be this way. In a cookie free world, it’s possible to get insight into a marketer’s most active audience and focus campaign spend on that exact audience in real time.

The Digiseg Solution

With Digiseg audience measurement, you can validate and take action on  your targeting, in-flight using fully transparent data. This lets you measure both audience delivery and engagement—with as little as 300 interactions—and optimize based on a data set you can access directly and use anywhere else you want – another DSP or a different campaign.

Here’s how:

  1. Contact Digiseg customer success to receive your measurement tags: an impression pixel and a click URL.
  2. Include the tags with your creatives in your DSP or ad server.
  3. Receive a profile of the audiences that engage with the campaign This will provide significant insight into who sees the ads and who interacts with them. Digiseg can provide this insight after just 300 to 500 engagements.
  4. The profiles will include a custom audience delivered in the marketer’s DSP of choice. This custom audience is the most engaged segment for that particular campaign.
  5. Deploy the custom audience to adjust targeting and supply in-flight. The profile of the most engaged audiences can be activated directly as targeting in the DSP.

Start driving engagement today.

To learn more or to ask questions contact our Customer Success Director, Jakub Skwarski –

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