Case Study


Medical Care Company uses Cookieless data to beat retargeting CPA

Campaign Goal: Broaden target audience of search engine advertising activities in order to increase conversion rates.


Acibadem Mobil, an Istanbul-based private care company that delivers a range of in-home medical services, faced a common challenge: search-marketing initiatives were successful but reach was limited. Retargeting, as usual, was similarly limited, lack of quality visit volume meant a small retargeting pool.

The company was keen to expand their reach to attract more customers but faced the challenge of a very narrow target group. Only upper-income households tend to purchase in-home medical services. Complicating matters further, pre-built audience segments were also too broad, as most households, regardless of resources, simply don’t need at-home nursing and blood test services.

Audience: Households that need and can afford in-home nursing and blood-testing services

Targeting Strategy:

Digiseg designed a custom audience for Acibadem’s agency, Programatik Istanbul, based on a combination of attributes that targeted higher income, higher educated households. The segment was composed of households with two or more cars, higher educated homeowners and are within the top 10% of highest income households.


Results: Acibadem Mobil tested Digiseg’s custom audience segment against two targeting strategies: website visitors and households greater than one kilometer away from the hospital. Digiseg substantially outperformed both existing = targeting strategies:

Website Visitor Retargeting Geo-targeting
CTR improvement delivered by Digiseg +7.7x +9.9x
eCPA improvement delivered by Digiseg 32% 107%

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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