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Digiseg maps digital advertising to household characteristics. Our cookie and tracking free technology can be used across all devices, media types and operating systems to target advertising and measure audiences for both campaigns and websites.

We offer audiences for all households
We offer audiences for all devices
We offer audiences for all browsers
We offer audiences for all markets

Target the primary consumer decision making unit - the household

Digiseg audience data is a powerful addition to your marketing engine. Our persistent and predictive segmentation covers the entire market.

Custom Audiences

Brief Digiseg’s data scientists, and a few hours later, you receive a custom audience that meets all your requirements. The price for custom audiences is the same as Core- and Composite Audiences, but the performance is second to none . A Digiseg Custom Audience is your easy way to optimal performance – Guaranteed.

Cookie-less, Tracking free, needs-based data.
Available in the platform of your choice ​

On All Platforms!

Persistent, predictive, real-time data available in all leading demand-side platforms

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