Søren H. Dinesen on Measurement in a Cookie-Free World

Søren H. Dinesen on Measurement in a Cookie-Free World

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In this latest TraderTalk TV from Exhangewire, our very own CEO Søren H. Dinesen joins Lindsay Rowntree to discuss measurement in a cookie-free world, with particular focus on panel-based data.

Tune in to hear more, as Dinesen and Rowntree discuss:

– How panel-based data can be defined and identified
– The pros and cons of panel-based data and its alternatives
– The different factors to consider when defining cookie-free measurement solutions
– How Digiseg is offering a measurement alternative fit for the cookie-less future

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These are some of the stories.

gas station
Higher completion rate, cheaper CPV and lower bounce rate for gas station brand
SUNPET Sunpet is a service station brand of Opet, one of the...
Top of the funnel targeting drives festival ticket sales
Gamers 8 is a global Esports, music and game development festival.
car wash with shell logo in the corner
Shell beats retargeting CPC and CTR by focusing on car owners
The custom Digiseg audience segment exceeded Shell's expectations
Mercedes-Benz, anticipating the cookie apocalypse - MIXX Award winner.
The Challenge Reaching a luxury automotive audience online is challenging, but reaching...
BMW steering wheel
CTV targeting at scale increases BMW purchase intent
Consumers are increasingly turning to CTV, moving away from traditional linear viewing.
hand holding smartphone
Vodafone: Mobile Data and Calls – Digiseg Audience Segments Blow Past Campaign Goals
Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company in Europe and Africa, led by...
doctor in uniform typing on smartphone
Health & Fitness
Medical care company uses cookieless data to beat retargeting CPA
The Acıbadem Healthcare Group is a Turkish healthcare institution, operating with 17.000...
Home & Garden
BWT boosts key attention metric using cookie-free household data
Using the versatility of cookie-free data to begin with audience discovery and...
person typing on computer on table
Reaching professionals for mobile data, Vodafone increased conversions 3X
Vodafone used the power of household data to outperform its CPC goal.
Data-driven prospecting outperforms, delivering superior KPIs—CPA and CVR
Prospecting is a challenge for performance campaigns. It can require considerable investment...

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