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Campaign Goal

Drive qualified traffic to the windows & doors section of the client’s website.

The Challenge

Targeting a qualified audience is a tricky matter. Most individual consumers who live in an apartment house won’t purchase new windows or doors, as the building association tends to have rules that bar individual residents from replacing these items.

And renters, whether they live in an apartment or house, will never make a large investment in something they can’t take with them. On top of that, people who live in relatively new buildings have no need for replacements. The trick to a successful campaign hinged on targeting owners of houses of a certain age.

The Solution

We leveraged key household characteristics for this home renovation client. By segregating out renters, apartment dwellers and people living in new buildings, Digiseg was able to home in on owners of older houses.

The Results

Our data went a long way in driving relevant traffic to the website, leading to a 21% boost in CTR over previous campaigns.
More importantly, nearly 40% of these visitors downloaded a brochure — proof positive we reached a highly receptive audience.

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