Increase your RPM with household data
for the post-cookie world.

Publishers’ challenge: Fulfilling campaigns and getting renewals

Cookie deprecation means up to 70% of impressions are invisible. 1st party data lacks scale. Publishers are left unable to deliver full ad budgets against desired audiences, leaving money on the table.

Digiseg solves this with scalable, cookie–less data that unlocks your anonymized traffic maximizing your revenue and delivering results for advertisers. 

Advantages of Digiseg Audiences:


Recognize up to 80% of all impressions


CTV, audio, mobile web, in-app

Segment anonymous vistors

Safari, Firefox & incognito Chrome


Truly private, no PII/personal data

Target where buying decisions are made: the household.

Digiseg segments entire countries into 100-500 household neighborhoods, layering on statistical data about home type, life stage, household income and more. Digiseg does not use cookies or any other deterministic identifiers, UUIDs, MAIDs etc.

Sell more:

Digiseg increases the amount of inventory you can sell by making more of your inventory addressable with 1st party data.

pie chart over unsold turn sold

Raise price point:

Command higher CPMs by enriching your existing 1st party data with valuable offline insights and by making anonymous visitors identifiable.

price CPM pillar

Get re-bookings

Audience insights reports provide transparency and add value to clients with detailed, actionable audience insights. Give buyers the information they need to buy again.

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