How to Drive Conversions in a Post-Cookie World

Published February 14, 2024

Cookies Are Going Away, But You Still Need Conversions

Now that Google has finally begun to deprecate third-party cookies, performance marketers are asking: how am I going to drive conversions? Or more specifically, what data can I use to scale my campaigns, comply with privacy regulations, and still drive the conversions I need?

For all their shortcomings (and there are many), third-party cookies were useful in that they provided marketers with a method for targeting users. But in addition to tracking users without their permission, they were never particularly accurate.

First-party data and in-market data are viable alternatives to third-party cookies, and while these data types are far more accurate than third-party cookies, they’re not without their challenges. They both suffer from scale issues, which makes it difficult to run successful performance campaigns that drive significant results.

In-market data, which could also be retail media, combines consumer surveys, social media analysis, visit data, transactional data and so on, is expensive and difficult to scale. What’s more, you’ll likely target consumers with whom you already have a relationship.

Which brings us back to the original question: how can you, as a marketer, execute effective performance campaigns at scale, while respecting the consumer’s privacy? Digiseg has an answer.

The Digiseg Solution

Digiseg has developed an end-to-end data-driven solution that is 100% privacy compliant and eschews tracking of any kind. What’s more, it’s highly scalable, enabling you to reach consumers in any market and across all channels, including desktop, mobile, CTV and audio.

Let’s break down the steps.

Step 1: Profile conversion events with Digiseg Measurement Tags

Digiseg performance campaigns begin with a key asset your brand has full control over: your conversion points and events, whether they are your landing pages for big ticket items with long sales cycles, an order confirmation page, a registration or a download.

The first step, therefore, is to tag those conversion points with a Digiseg Measurement Tag. The profiles we measure at these points will allow us to create a custom audience for your specific campaigns. This is easily done using
any of the tag manager platforms.

Step 2: Digiseg creates a custom audience based on your results

We analyze the audience profile to understand the most relevant household characteristics among the users who completed the desired action.

Based on our analysis, Digiseg creates a custom audience that matches users most likely to complete the event. With just 500 conversions, we can generate a statistically significant profile, allowing you to precisely target look-alike audiences who have the ideal characteristics for conversions.

Step 3: Execute Targeted Campaign

With a custom audience that mirrors your converters , you are now ready to reach your ideal prospects at scale, in any market, and in any channel. You can use Digiseg data in any DSPs, and a Digiseg customer success representative will assist you in activating your custom audience.

Step 4: Watch your conversions soar

Digiseg data delivers KPIs. See how it has worked for some of our customers with our success stories.

No Tracking, No PII Data, No Cookies, UIDs or MAIDs

We take privacy seriously, which means we don’t look for work-arounds that the regulators will eventually ban. We don’t track users in any wayand we don’t collect any  PII, personal data, UIDs or MAIDs. The result is a campaign approach that is 100% privacy compliant and future proof.

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