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Digiseg uses a selection of commercially available probabilistic geo-position vendors and compares their results. When the different geo position vendors’ results agree that an IP belongs to a specific neighborhood, we make the connection and add neighborhood characteristics to the IP. Digiseg is not trying to match IPs to exact households. Our geolocation only places the IP in a neighborhood of a minimum of 100 households.

This is a list of our primary data sources: National Statistical Offices.

It is possible in certain platforms, Adform for example. For combining audiences, contact

Xandr’s Data Marketplace uses cookies to measure reach of audiences, but as Digiseg is cookie free, all Digiseg audiences are displayed without reach numbers. But rest assured, there is reach behind the audiences. Digiseg segments more than 500.000 bid requests per second in Xandr. We are probably the largest data provider in Xandr, based on segmented impressions.

Yes. You can see our audience API here.
If you are a publisher, Digiseg also offers a real-time audience API with response times less than 1 ms. This product designed to work with seller-defined-audiences either from the adserver or in prebid  for open auction monetization.

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