Digiseg API

Digiseg are available in 50+ countries, probablistically mapping neighborhood characteristics

Digiseg’s Audience API

Get access to Digiseg’s Audience Data with this simple API

Would you like to look-up Digiseg Audience Data in real-time?
Very few audience providers cover more consumers and businesses than Digiseg, and now you can get access to the raw audience data.

Get the first 100.000 API request for free
Whether you have a DMP/Data-Lake, build recommendation engines, or you need Household Characteristics in your marketing automation process, then you will benefit from this API. It’s an easy setup, and you get the first 100.000 requests for free.

Who is this Audience API for?
This integration is for Advertisers, Web-analysts, or Marketing automation specialists who prefer to have access to raw data. IoT and other Cookie Free environments can also benefit from Digiseg Full Reach Audience Data.

DMP owners

Integrate your DMP/Datalake with Digiseg Audience Data and get household characterises on all your UID’s.

Marketing Automation

Integrate to the API and start to differentiate your marketing towards users with the right characteristics and the right needs.

IOT, Apps and Connected TV

Cookie free audience data open a host of new possibilities for you to learn and activate users that before were completely unknown to you.

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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