Can we reach business owners, decision-makers and C-level positions using Digiseg data?

If you use Digiseg B2B audiences together with a CPC or CPA optimization you can achieve solid and scalable results when targeting specific functions, industries or verticals. It is our experience that B2B campaigns succeed with Digiseg audience data because of the focus on business internet usage.

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Digiseg audience data contains no personal data elements or PII and tracks no individuals. Because we do not use any personal data, our solution falls outside the scope of GDPR. We use civic sources like building-, car-, tax-, and education-register data alongside census data on neighborhoods with a minimum of 100 households. You can read more about our methodology here: How Digiseg Build Audience Data

We do not segment businesses by vertical. However, we do have extensive experience with B2B campaigns, so contact our audience experts if you have a specific request. You can contact us at

Digiseg’s business audiences combined with CPC or CPA optimization can be very effective.

Digiseg covers more than 45 markets around the world, including the US and Europe. To see the full list of countries and audiences click here: Audiences List.

Yes. We can provide both a pixel and a click url that can be used to profile any event: purchases, signups, downloads etc.  Reporting is dependent on the frequency of the event being profiled.

Correct implementation can vary by platform. Contact support and they will send you a guide to including our pixels in your campaign and provide any additional assistance necessary.

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