Performance Award - May

Best Performing Agency

Congratulations to Görkem Muştu Head of Digital at Programatik Istanbul for delivering a 32% better eCPA and higher CTR across campaign strategies for his client Acibadem Mobil using Digiseg audiences.

The Istanbul-based private care company delivers a range of in-home medical services. They faced a common challenge: search-marketing initiatives were successful, but reach was limited. Retargeting, as is often the case, was similarly limited, lack of quality visit volume meant a small retargeting pixel pool. The company was keen to expand their reach to attract more customers but faced the challenge of a very narrow target group. Using Digiseg they were able to significantly and effectively expand their reach.

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The Digiseg Performance Award Includes:

  • Bose Headphones 700
  • €100 Celebration Voucher to take team out for drinks
  • Award Statuette
  • Award Diploma

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Digiseg Performance Award

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