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Publishers at the Helm

Addressability and Audience in the Era of Privacy

In this report you will get insights into the state of monetization. The insights cover inventory challenges and goals, pricing & revenue benchmarks, data privacy and publisher ratings of various audience solutions.

Dive Deep into Publishing’s Addressability and First-party Data Challenges

  • Missing consent and anonymous browsing impacts eCPM. What does it mean for revenue?
  • Two technologies are vying to take the cookie’s place how do they measure up?
  • Alternatives to the cookie alternatives—what is the state of industry knowledge

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Why This Study Matters:
Publishing is at a crossroads. Increased privacy demands from both consumers and legislators present an opportunity for content owners to take back control. Advertisers have been steering for too long, the pivot to privacy give publishing the perfect oportunity to grab the wheel. The insights in this paper, gathered from a survey of over 100 publishers, provide a baseline for understanding the current state of the industry and point toward the future.

Digiseg and AdExchanger would like to thank all respondents for their contribution to this study.

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