Audience Data For Performance Campaigns

Supercharge your lower funnel

Digiseg data is need-centric. Intent is fleeting but need is persistent. Desire does not always equal ability. With Digseg you target users who can & will convert. Bidding algorithms love this degree of clarity.

Beyond retargeting

Digiseg Audience data is the perfect complement to your retargeting campaigns. You can drive conversions directly or amplify retargeting by bringing highly qualified visits to your site.

Performance: Supercharge your lower funnel

Set up your Performance Campaign for Success

Buying-algorithms love our data. Digiseg full-reach audience data is based on consumer needs. When relevant profiles are targeted, less unexplained variance occurs. CPC and CPA buying-algorithms love purity. Our data clarity accelerates KPI delivery. Activate your full budget while converting like crazy.
In other words, how many $5 conversions do you want?

5 Easy steps to drive performance:

Apply audience
Ramp-up lineitem
Apply CPC or CPA Buying Algorithm
Cap Max CPM
Evaluate performance metrics

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