Audience Data For Performance Campaigns

Real need. Not behaviour looking like need

Other data vendors extrapolate the behaviour of the few to create look-a-likes of the many. At Digiseg we instead reverse engineer real buying profiles serving your audiences with real need, singling out who can and will buy. A clear need-based audience makes for an easy setup of any campaign. Standing clear of look-a-likes delivers outstanding performance – pure plug-n-play.

Set up your Performance Campaign for Success

Buying-algorithms love our data Digiseg full reach audience data is based purely on consumer needs. With only relevant profiles included, less unexplained variance occurs. Buying-algorithms love purity. Data clarity accelerates the output of your buying-algorithms like never before. This activates your full budget while converting like crazy.

5 Easy steps to drive performance:

Apply audience
Ramp-up lineitem
Apply Buying Algorithm
Cap Max CPM
Evaluate performance metrics

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