Digiseg now in The Trade Desk

Published January 4, 2024

Happy 2024! We’re starting the year with exciting news. Digiseg audience data is now available in The Trade Desk. With Google removing cookies for the first 30 million Chrome users January 4 we are excited to be able to offer cookie-free targeting to an even more advertisers.

As Chrome starts going dark for third-party cookies, Digiseg delivers:

Immediate Scale: With 70% of all impressions covered, Digiseg gives you immediate scale.

Global Availability: Our data covers 50 markets worldwide with the same taxonomy.

Versatile Targeting Options: Whether your focus is on Connected TV (CTV), audio, in-app, video, or display, Digiseg’s data unifies your targeting with a single data set that covers all channels and formats.

Our CEO, Søren, has the details:


Look for us in The Trade Desk data marketplace today!

For any questions about our integration with The Trade Desk or audience questions, just get in touch.

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