Make the anonymous web addressable

Cross platform, independent audience data that scales.

A robust alternative to contextual targeting and fragmented platform data that can also be used to measure across operating systems and apps.

CTV Targeting

Unify your CTV targeting with a single data set

CTV audiences are fragmented across manufacturers, OSs and apps. Digiseg unifies this chaos making sure your campaigns hit their target regardless of platform. Allowing you to make a single report based on your data.

CTV Measurement

Profile your most valuable visitors and then target them.

Legacy measurement methods mean always looking in the rearview mirror. With Digiseg Active Audience Measurement, you can see delivery in-flight. Verify your targeting and media selection or optimize. Don’t wait until it’s over to see your campaign’s results. 

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What you can target with Digiseg


Get a clear view of who was exposed to your campaign. Not a panel-based extrapolation, actual delivery.

Display & Video

Find out not just who is seeing your banners and who is watching your videos but who is interacting.


Profile your visitors. Discover who completes your most valuable actions & then target them.


On both iOS and Android, see what audience your in-app ads is reaching.


From podcasts to streaming music, learn who is hearing your campaign.

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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