Digiseg + Google Analaytics

Get full insight with Digiseg’s Google Analytics Integration

Did it occur to you that something was missing in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has no data on household characteristics eventhough they are key-factors to understand who-does-what on your website.

Get the full insight with Digiseg’s Google Analytics Integration

Digiseg integrates with Google Analytics as custom dimensions, where 60-80% of your web visitors are recognized. It is an easy setup, and to help you get started the first 30 days are free of charge.

Who's this integration for?

This integration is for those who see the website as a vital part of their business, love new insights, and wish to activate results in Google Ads and Display Marketing.

Google Ads & Remarketing

Identify converters on your website and activate them in Google AdWords.

Display Marketing

Identify household characteristics that convert on your website and activate the same audiences in programmatic campaigns with full reach.

Business Owner

Learn who visits the different points of interest on your website and optimize your business towards households that convert.

Simple Monthly Pricing

Sessions per day Price
100.000 €200
200.000 €300
1.000.000 €500
Need a bigger plan?

Email or call us to get a plan that matches your needs

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