Case Study

Video On Demand: 13% Lift in Subscriptions & 29% Movie Purchases

Campaign Goal: New subscriptions +1 or more movie purchases


The pandemic radically changed the video consumption habits of millions of viewers. Rather than watching regular TV channels and shows, viewers are binge-watching movies.

To benefit from this change in behavior, a media company needed to promote its video-on-demand service.

Audience: VOD (TVOD) watchers

Targeting Strategy:

Digiseg research revealed that VOD is preferred by younger, more tech-savvy audiences who live in urban areas. Because there is a cost to watch each movie, affluent households were key targets.

video on demand

Lifecycle A,B,C + Tech level B,C + Income B,C,D,E + Neighborhood B,C,D



Impressoins CTR Lift In Subscriptions Lift In single movie rentals
667k 0.47% 13% 29%

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