Digiseg Use Cases

Video Game Promotion

Discover how Digiseg approach user acquisition campaigns for a new game title, by targeting the relevant custom audience to deliver cost-effective campaigns that drive sign-ups and generate excitement for the upcoming release.

Purpose of Campaign

Promote a new game title and prompt sign-ups ahead of the release date


User acquisition campaigns for computer games tend to be costly, and often deliver diminishing returns in investment, meaning as time goes on, the campaigns deliver fewer and few conversions. In order to achieve scale, companies have traditionally relied on programmatic campaigns that target users based on behavioral data.

Digiseg’s offer an alternative approach to large-scale campaigns with our audience segments allowing clients to reach millions of consumers and deliver better – and sustained – results throughout entire campaigns.


Young people with interest in gaming

Targeting Strategy

Tapping into our previous experience with gaming campaigns, Digiseg recommend focusing campaign spend on young people who have multiple devices and spend a lot of time using them. These attributes allow us to achieve the required scale of such a campaign. To optimize ad spend, we will create and apply a CPC buying algorithm which enables us to identify the channels and publications that have the best editorial synergies to identify the editorial synergy between the banners and the gaming target group-oriented on computer games.

See the audience in our audience builder

Digiseg audience data is the most powerful additive for your marketing engine since behavioral cookie data. You can tap into the audiences listed below in with full reach.

Digiseg audience builder example

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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