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Sustainable Energy

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Purpose of Campaign

Branding campaign of a new, more efficient generation of solar panels.


The biggest challenge to this campaign was finding a way to focus ad spend on consumers who have an interest in solar power, a validated need to purchase solar panels and as well as the financial resources to do so.

Many people are interested in renewable energy and the impact it has on reducing climate change, but if they rent their homes or live in an apartment building they simply have no need to purchase solar panels themselves.


People who have considered installing solar panels for their homes, and have the financial resources to invest in them.

Targeting Strategy

Digiseg audience data is perfectly suited for this type of campaign, enabling marketers to layer on multiple attributes to pinpoint the ideal audience. In a case like this, Digiseg will recommend the targeting by a combination of home ownership, type of housing, and a higher level of education. Owning a physical house validates the need, ensuring that targeted consumers can actually install the solar panels if desired, and not people who are simply interested in renewable energy.

A higher education level is also seen as a proxy for interest in protecting the environment, as well as the ability to see the cost-benefit analysis of investing in panels now to reduce energy costs going forward. The final criteria would be household income level, with Digiseg recommending the campaign to target households with higher income level as such an investment can be costly.

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