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Streaming Service

Unlock the potential of your platform with Digiseg's targeting campaigns. Learn how we reach and engage a wide audience of streaming service users, driving subscription growth and standing out in a competitive market.

Purpose of Campaign

Promote streaming platform and attract new subscribers 


Do you exclusively watch cable TV? Then you might be one of few remaining. Within the last decade, millions of viewers have changed their video consumption habits and are now binge-watching movies and series instead of watching regular TV channels and shows. 

To benefit from this change in behavior, media companies need to promote their streaming service in order to get more new subscribers to join their platform. With the growing number of providers, standing out is becoming increasingly difficult. 


People using streaming services 

Targeting Strategy 

Streaming is widely used and not limited to specific demographics, however there are attributes that make consumers more likely to be a streaming service user. A medium or higher tech-level also make people more likely to use such services. Although many platforms are increasingly user-friendly, the older generation are still less likely to sign-up for them. 

Additionally, because there is a cost to holding a subscription, the lowest income households will be excluded, as they likely won’t prioritise spending money on such a service.

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Digiseg audience data is the most powerful additive for your marketing engine since behavioral cookie data. You can tap into the audiences listed below in with full reach.

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