Digiseg Use Cases

Restaurant Delivery

Drive customer acquisition for your restaurant with Digiseg's precision targeting. Learn how we can create a custom audience to boost orders and attracting new customers.

Purpose of Campaign

Promote a weekend’s promotion of “buy 1 meal, get 1 free”, in order to gain new customers.


A restaurant chain wants to promote its delivery service in order to increase the number of orders placed. A broad campaign is problematic for a few reasons. First, the service is restricted to high density areas, so a blanket campaign would result in wasted media spend.

Additionally, the restaurant should to home in on people who are likely to order out frequently. Assuming that 75% of the app orders received is from customers who are 35 years old or younger, this is the demographic to focus on.


Create a custom audience of young urban people who tend to order food for delivery

Targeting Strategy

Digiseg recommend targeting households located in cities and suburbs in commuting distance to those cities. We also recommend layering on consumers who are young singles and couples, and young couples with children – in other words, people who don’t always have the time and energy to prepare dinner every night. Finally, adding the high tech-level to the mix is advised as they are already comfortable using on-demand apps, and also lead busy lives.

See the audience in our audience builder

Digiseg audience data is the most powerful additive for your marketing engine since behavioral cookie data. You can tap into the audiences listed below in with full reach.

Digiseg audience builder example

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