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Luxury Apartments

Unlock the potential of targeted advertising in the real estate industry with Digiseg's strategies. Discover how we build targeted audience segment to optimize campaign performance and lower CPC.
handing over keys to luxury apartment

Purpose of Campaign

Promote a new bespoke apartment house in a Scandinavian capital city.


A high-end apartment house with amenities geared towards families with children is build. In addition to the amenities, the building is located in an area with an abundance of services that cater to families.

To drive media efficiency, focus should be advertising to families who can afford a unit within the building.


High-income families raising children.

Targeting Strategy

Digiseg recommend focusing the targeting strategy based on household income and presence of children. To do that, we will build an audience segment that included the top 30% of household wealth and families with two or more children. Additionally, Digiseg Analytics platform can be leveraged to identify other household characteristics that could optimize campaign performance further. For instance, Home Ownership will likely turn out to be one of the most highly relevant characteristics and by including it as a lime item, CPC can be additionally lowered.

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