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Personal Loans

Unlock the potential of app-based branding campaigns with Digiseg's strategies. Explore how we can identify and target consumers with specific needs, driving app downloads and optimizing cost-per-install for enhanced campaign success.
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Purpose of Campaign

Branding campaign with app downloads and a lower cost-per-install serving as key KPIs.


A banking service wants to sell personal loans and recognized their mobile app as the best way to promote them. It’s a clever strategy as customers who download an app are more loyal to that brand, and access to that brand’s products and services are always just a few clicks away.

But user acquisition campaigns are notoriously expensive, and install abandonment rates are high. The central challenge of such a campaign is to identify the consumers most likely to download an app and use it to apply for personal loan.


Consumers who have a need for a personal loan, and are open to using an app for personal banking

Targeting Strategy

Tapping into previous experience with personal loans, Digiseg recommend targeting households with little to no savings, as these consumers are most likely to benefit from an affordable way to, say, consolidate high interest credit card debt or obtain needed cash for a home-improvement project.
We exclude pensioners, as this demographic rarely search for information on personal loans and are the least likely to use a mobile app to manage their finances.

Targeting high-tech households is essential, as only the most tech-savvy people are comfortable with using their mobile devices to manage sensitive tasks such as banking.

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