Digiseg Use Cases

Online Grocery Delivery

Increase your costumers order value by targeting the relevant audience. The campaign aims to effectively reach and engage the target audience, driving desired actions and achieving measurable results that contribute to business growth.

Purpose of campaign

Increase AOV of orders placed via an online-grocery delivery service.


The covid-19 pandemic opened consumers eyes to online grocery shopping and delivery, and the demand for this new service substantially increased – and this service is still being utilized by shoppers out of convenience, as they are able to save time in their busy everyday life.

Offering additional service is costly for companies, and a very to minimize these costs this online grocery company wishes to increased basket size in order to grow revenue without increasing the capacity of the supply chain.


Online grocery shopper with needs and resources to increase order value.

Targeting Strategy

To drive media efficiency, focus on targeting medium- and high-income households as they have the resources to pay for the additional delivery service. Tech-savvy households are also the most likely to feel comfortable navigating the website and ordering groceries online. The targeting should also focus on households within the service’s delivery area. Finally, families with more children are in need larger orders of groceries and are likely to see the benefit of getting these delivered and saving the time and hassle of going to the physical stores.

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Digiseg audience data is the most powerful additive for your marketing engine since behavioral cookie data. You can tap into the audiences listed below in with full reach.

Digiseg audience builder example

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