Case Study


Job Seeking Platform: Increase Job Offers by 23%, at a CPA that’s 38% Lower than Other Line Items

Campaign Goal: Increase the number of job offers that come through the site by attracting more companies with open positions to fill.


The COVID-19 pandemic took a steep toll on the jobs market, and job-seeking platforms quickly realized that there were substantially more candidates visiting them in search of employment than there were available jobs.

To increase the number of job offers that are made through its platform, this client asked Digiseg for help in launching a B2B campaign targeting companies that were actively recruiting.

Audience: Large businesses (50+ employees) with open job positions to fill.

Targeting Strategy:

We decided to focus on larger companies as they were the most likely to survive the crisis and to have open job reqs. Moreover, companies that seek to innovate and grow during a crisis tend to outperform the rest of the market once the crisis subsides.
A key to success was to identify the editorial synergy between the creative (i.e. “find candidates on our site”) and the target group. The campaign utilized a CPA buying algorithm to identify the best channels and content at the lowest cost possible.

job seeking graph

Businesses with more than 50 employees

Results: Job offers increased by 23%. At the same time, CPA decreased by 38% compared to other line-items.

Impressoins Clicks CPA
2.12 million 8.1K -38%

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