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Home Insurance
Digiseg Custom Audience Delivers an Astounding 2.7% CTR

Campaign Goal: Target middle and upper-income households who need homeowners insurance for a new home, or who may be open to switching insurance providers.


This insurance company wanted to increase its
homeowner insurance customer base by targeting
consumers who either need homeowners insurance
because they’re in the process of buying a new
home, or were open to considering a new provider.

To drive media efficiency, the client was keen to
eliminate renters and apartment-house dwellers.

Audience: Custom audience based on desired household characteristics: own their homes, live in houses, and meet specific income thresholds.

Targeting Strategy:

Digiseg audience data is ideal for reaching consumers based on their living accommodations. Digiseg’s data allowed the client to zero in on consumers who own their homes, live in houses, and are in the top 60% of household wealth.

home insurance

The client tested the Digiseg custom audience against a contextual-targeting approach to see which delivered the strongest campaign performance.

Ownership A + Accommodation type B + Income C,D,E

Results: Digiseg custom audience segment allowed the client to reach their ideal audience, which in turn,
delivered stellar results, including a CTR that far exceeds the industry average:

Impressions Clicks CTR
1.44 M 39K 2.7%

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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