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Electric Cars
Digiseg Audience Segments Turbo-Charge Electric Car Preorder Sign-Ups

Campaign Goal: Promote preorder signup for a new electric car model.


Electric car sales in Europe surpassed those in China as consumers seek to shrink their carbon footprint and take advantage of government incentives to switch to greener models. But with a plethora of automotive brands offering electric vehicles, breaking through the noise is becoming very difficult. This car maker wanted to capture the consumer’s imagination by creating a Tesla-like aura around the release of its new model.

To do that, the company decided to encourage vehicle pre-orders while keeping as much product detail under wraps as possible. Pre-ordering an expensive car in the absence of detailed product information is a tall order. This campaign needed to home in on consumers who have the necessary financial resources and commitment to electric car technology to take such a leap of faith. Identifying those characteristics was the central challenge of this campaign.

Audience: Electric car enthusiasts who have a need for a car, and have the financial resources to commit to an electric one sight unseen.

Targeting Strategy:

Digiseg created a custom audience for the automaker designed to target consumers who already have a vehicle — a clear indication that they need and use a car on a regular basis. Given the limited range of most electric cars at present, we also focused on consumers who live in suburbs and cities, where the distances they drive are shorter and charging stations are more plentiful. Finally, we focused on the top 40% of the wealthiest households as they are the consumers most likely to preorder a vehicle without test driving it first.


Tech-level C + Cars in the household B,C + Neighborhood C,D + Income D,E

Results: The Digiseg audience segment delivered outstanding results, and outperformed the behavioral data approach across all vital metrics:

Impressions CTR Conversions
4.4M 1.8%/td>

2x more pre-orders

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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