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Back To School: Digiseg audience data lowers campaign CPA by 32%

Campaign Goal: Drive qualified traffic to school supplies website; acquire new customers at as low a cost as possible


The pandemic radically changed the video consumption habits of millions of viewers. Rather than watching regular TV channels and shows, viewers are binge-watching movies.

While there are a lot of consumers who are in-market for school supplies, competition is fierce, with numerous retailers leveraging intent data to win the attention of the same pool of shoppers. Because cost was a key concern, the client turned to Digiseg for help in reaching parents while avoiding expensive bidding wars.

Audience: Households with two or more children present

Targeting Strategy:

Historical data (and logic) tells us that households with two or more children spend the most on school supplies.
By concentrating on those households, Digiseg could help the client bypass the bidding wars that are part and parcel to intent data targeting.
Initially, Digiseg opted not to cap CPM when purchasing inventory in order to identify the channels, day-parts, and other attributes of users who clicked on the campaign ads. After 300 clicks the campaign had enough data to profile the best prospects, and we could then introduce a CPC algorithm to its inventory acquisition strategy. After an additional 300 clicks, Digiseg lowered the CPM cap further, acquiring inventory at a cost that was just one-third of the average CPM of the campaign — a tactic we could deploy thanks to the full reach of our audience data.

video on demand

2 or more children

Results: CPA using Digiseg data was 32% lower than other data source:

Impressoins Clicks CPA
3.2 million 28.55K 3.89 Euro

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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