Case Study


Baby Food Brand
Digiseg Custom Audience Delivers 12% Boost in Conversions and Lowers CPC

Campaign Goal: Identify and target consumers who will have an interest in this brand’s baby food, and optimize the CPC of converting prospects.


Baby food is one of the most considered, value-based purchases consumers will make. Parents tend to think long and hard about what to feed their infants and toddlers. The client had a wealth of website data and analysis through Google Analytics.

But no insight into critical characteristics of visitors, such as whether or not they had children in the home and if so, how many, or if they were expecting to have children in the near future. Without this insight, the client was unable to model its website visitors accurately for targeting purposes.

Audience: Young families with children, preferably more than one, who may be persuaded to try a new baby food.

Targeting Strategy:

The first part of the targeting strategy required obtaining a clearer view of current website visitors. To achieve this goal, the client implemented the Digiseg Google Analytics plug, which allowed the client to overlay our audience segments with the GA dashboard as custom dimensions. Once installed we segmented 90% of website visitors over a 30-day period, and discovered that 63% were from households with two or more children, and 51% were either young singles and couples or young couples with children. We then created a custom audience composed of young families with the highest number of children.


The client tested the Digiseg customer audience against a contextual-targeting approach that focused on women who frequently read content on childhood nutrition to see which delivered the strongest campaign performance.

Lifecycle A,B + Children in the household C

Results: The Digiseg audience data delivered unprecedented results, including a CPC that was 5.4x lower than goal, and a CTR that was 54% higher than goal.

Impressions CTR Conversions
780K 0.66% 12% lift

Boost engagement – Increase viewability – Drive conversions – Deliver ROAS.

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