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How do you assure that your campaign reach the right audience while also achieving the necessary scale? This use-case covers a B2B campaign in which segregation of audiences and CPC algorithm are utilised to identify the right decision-makers.
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Purpose of Campaign

A SaaS company seeks to raise awareness for it’s new small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) accounting software and boost sign-ups for a free-trial offer.


Challenge #1: All branding campaigns require scale. Achieving scale requires broad targeting criteria – e.g. using keywords such as “accounting” or “corporate finance” – which would inevitably include a large share of enterprise-level financial professionals. But as the accounting software was specifically designed for small and mid-size businesses (companies with 11 – 50 employees) in this case, the focus should be to ad spend on the right audience. A new approach to targeting is needed.

Challenge #2: Identifying the decision-makers within the market and sector. Depending on the size and the sector of the company, the decision maker could be the CEO, CFO, controller or an outside accountant. In addition to focusing on the right market sector, the campaign needed to identify who the decision-makers are.


Accounting software decision-maker within small and medium-size businesses.

Targeting Strategy

Internet traffic is a useful proxy for the type of people you can reach. There are three basic buckets: 1. private (people at home, typically using WiFi), 2. business, and 3. people on the go (in-transit traffic typically sent over cellular networks). Digiseg is able to segregate business traffic from home and transit traffic, and further subdivide it into small, medium, and large size companies. This approach allows B2B companies to target their ideal audience while they are at work, where they are more likely to consider new accounting products.

Digiseg will also recommend using a CPC buying algorithm to identify the accounting decision-makers. People who click on the Free-Trial offer are either the decision-makers themselves, or important decision influencers. This approach will help to ensure that the company reaches the right audience and achieves its campaign objectives.

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