This Year’s Christmas Gift from Digiseg

Through The United Nations Carbon Offset platform, Digiseg has offset 1200 Tons of Carbon Emissions.

Additionally, we’ve chosen to support four great projects that span a variety of initiatives, from improved fireplaces in Africa and reforestation in India to wind farms in Inner Mongolia and hydro-power at Himachal Pradesh, also in India.

Check out the projects:

Project 1: Institutional Improved Cook Stoves for Schools and Institutions in Uganda. Read more
Digiseg’s contribution to the project offsets 50 tonnes of Co2

See Digiseg’s Contribution here

See a video about the project here

Project 2: Reforestation of degraded land in India – Read more here Digiseg’s contribution to the project offsets 400 tonnes of Co2 See Digiseg’s Contribution here

Project 3: Wind farm project in the Inner Mongolia – Read more here

Digiseg’s contribution to the project offsets 300 tonnes of Co2 – See Digiseg’s Contribution here

Project 4: Hydro power project at Himachal Pradesh  Read more here Digiseg’s contribution to the project offsets 450 tonnes of Co2 See Digiseg’s Contribution here

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