Mad skills motocross videogame with 7/11 ad

Partnership between and Digiseg has announced a new partnership with Digiseg, which will bring precise, cookie-free data to in-game advertisers, enhancing the value of their digital campaigns by allowing them to target and retarget the right gaming audiences.

The digital marketing space is facing some significant challenges. Ad-blocking is on the rise and third-party cookies are about to become obsolete, making it infinitely harder for advertisers to find and reach the right audiences.

Copenhagen-based Digiseg is one of the only targeting solutions already prepared for the cookie-less era, gathering information at scale, free of personal data, without tracking people, and outside the scope of GDPR. It’s a forward-looking solution that helps eliminate a major advertising industry pain point.

Anzu is the world’s most advanced in-game advertising platform and the first-ever programmatic platform of its kind that supports all gaming platforms – mobile, PC, and console. The company’s recent partnership with advertising giant WPP introduces accepted advertising standards, such as ad viewability, brand lift measurement, fraud detection, and user privacy protection, to the gaming space.

“As a global data provider excelling in the cookie-free space, our technology will have a unique possibility to provide agencies and advertisers with precise audience data within Anzu’s gaming platform,” Bent Rønde Jacobsen, COO of Digiseg, explained. “Digiseg provides audiences across many verticals and will deliver the same high targeting power that today enables clients to reach strong campaign KPIs in various DSPs. We are sure this partnership will create a great benefit for Anzu and their clients and we look forward to serving them.”

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